Daria Setevinets

I am a BA (Hons) Fine Art level 6 student at British School Of Art & Design. I focus my research on how behavior of people changes under the influence of a play made in consumerist society. Based on the idea of Guy Debord` idea, I refer to the representation of those agents who, in my opinion, deserve to get what they want – the attention coming from the carousel quenching the thirst of the consumer.


Tim Lis
A young, independent and ambitious artist, Tim Lis unfolds beauty of a human body, not everyman can always see. The artist often experiments with materials and techniques in his works, rarely exhibited in public galleries. His participation in the Openart festival is a great opportunity to see his works with your own eyes.


Yana Wander
Ideas of works occur to me spontaneously from flashes, of both internal and external nature. Everything that is swirling in my head and soul instantly finds its place on the sheet in a completely unpredictable form. Creation of a painting is a moment, a pure emotion and raw thought. For me, art is a way to visually engage a person emotionally or psychologically, it should amaze people, make them feel alive, pay attention to important things, which people, drowning in ado, often forget about or completely lose sight of. Creative work is a protest against the routine in life and way of thinking, against constrained feelings and actions. Art appeared in my life at the right moment, it became my cure for the problems and all kinds of hardships. Since then, all my worries and all kinds of dramas are cured with paints and a pencil. 
With every new painting a small burden seems to fall off or a little joy becomes immortalized instead.
It motivates me very much when people see in my paintings what they feel, with or without saying it out loud. It is the images on the canvas that connect us, make us closer and remind us about something simple, but incredibly important. It’s kind of like a doorway into other person’s mind, a bridge to another person’s thoughts.


Kremennaya Karina 22 years old

Education: British higher school of art & design

In my practice, I explore the idea of female artists in abstract expressionism. My works are an attempt to apply women’s strategies to abstract expressionism, the movement whose historical and cultural basis — machismo — is the essence filled up with masculinity. Filling, dripping and scattering was a trend associated by critics at the time with abstract expressionism, a movement that the same critics have widely described as being driven by men. My experiments consisted of various attempts to find my own method that would reflect the idea. In the works, the process is very important, even more than the final result. It is important for me to show how this was done in order to download as much as possible for the spectator through drawing in this case.



Series name: Subtle

Description: Usually it is said of weak, fragile boys, as if they do not have an inner core. It is habitual in society to condemn such traits and behavior. A man should be strong and unshakable, certainly not fragile. Defending my right to subtlety, I first of all come into a conflict, in contradiction with the standards and expectations of society. However, this contradiction becomes internal, and then one has to struggle with internal stigma.

About the author: Artem Tulin, photographer, student at the psychological department of Samara University, 21 years old. He came up with the idea of ​​studying his own identity and the influence of the stereotypes of feminine / masculine behavior on it.


Yana Beschanova

I get inspired by the world and reflect it in pieces in my art. I think, every painting is a moment, a pure emotion and an untouched thought, a visible reflection of a delicate human soul with its own special fears, sins and ambitions.