Sasha Shloser: My name is Sasha Shloser. I work as a printmaker and a portrait painter at a manufacturing site and spend my free time expressing myself through expressionism and outsider art. These arts don’t have much in common with the comics, and OpenArt is my first try to be a comic artist.


Aiden Redmein: An aspiring artist from Latvia. He is non-ordinary transgender, advocating for freedom from stereotypes. The joint work of the narrator and the artist allows the viewer to touch and feel the connection between themselves and the authors, sharing the same feelings. Instagram @iusemylife


Badzombielama: Transforming authors’ mood and metaphors into visual forms.

I love to be inspired. I’m working on my own drawing style. I appreciate the art of image in all its manifestations. Comics, sketches, sticks, post cards, design, photography, music videos. Instagram @badzombielama


Natasha Kim: An artist from Sankt-Petersburg. Queer person. Drawing on different topics with different tools. Instagram @kimkino


Alexey Colt: My name is Alexey, you can call me Colt. I studied in an ar institution for 8 years, I’m a designer by profession. A transwoman I know invited me to this project.


Elle Gard: An artist, an illustrator, a comic artist and a brilliant woman Elle Gard. Instagram @ell_gard


Sci_sky: My activity lies in the field of ceramics, handmade from various materials and sometimes drawing. My old friend invited me to take part in the creation of comics.


Rapiereve: I am, if anything, not an artist. And it was hard for me to realize that I was a part of the LGBT community. That is why I’ve decided to take part in this project. My comic is a metaphor because it’s hard for me to speak about these things frankly. Maybe it will help somebody! I also have social media accounts: Instagram @schumersky Twitter @rapiereve


Martina Schradi is a German author and cartoonist. She is known for her collection of comics ‘Oh, I see?!’ depicting the daily lives and trials of people in the LGBT*I community. These are true stories about coming out in the family, at school or at work, about gender roles and discrimination. It is an anti-discrimination project exposing people to the struggles of the LGBT*I community.


Elias Ericson: I’m a Swedish comic artist and illustrator born in 1994. LGBTQ matters are incredibly important to me and they affect me and most of my friends daily. My activism through comics started off as venting and ended up being spread over the Internet. Other than LGBTQ, I often talk about mental health. These two topics tend to go hand in hand because of the oppression we face.