The Festival includes a painting and graphics exhibition presenting works of recognized and new artists and of those who started painting specially for the Festival. Both professionals and newcomers wanted to tell about the LGBT world, to show its different edges and diversity – for, as we all know, the more information we have, the less afraid we are. All visitors will be able to see how different and interesting the world of art is and enjoy beautiful paintings.

This page shows only a small part of the artworks that will be exhibited during the Festival on February 2-4, 2018.

Marina Lizorkina

Marina Lizorkina is an artist who works in different styles: neo-expressionism, surrealism and neo-cubism. Her works are exhibited at international galleries and are kept in personal collections all over the world. The selected paintings reflect reconciliation, solidarity and overcoming disunity thereby representing the main messages and values of the Open Art Festival.

Personal exhibitions:
“Sansara” Art-café “Bubble”. Moscow, 2008.
“All depends on V.A.S” Gallery “Na Chistih Prudah”. Moscow, 2009.
“Blossom” Gallery “Noah” Moscow, 2012.
“Tree people” Gallery “Tribeca Art Factory”. New York, 2016, 2017.
“Chameleon” by ML, Unruly Collective. New York, 2017.

Art Live Show “Art Live Night” Tribeca Art Factory, New York, 2016
Art Live Show “By Lizorkina” Moscow, 2017
Art Live Show “Fashion Summer” Moscow, 2017
Art Live Show “We Go Art” October, 2017. Moscow

Moscow Art Week. Moscow, 2009, 2011, 2014
Art Expo Crocus, Moscow 2011.
“Collaborators” Tribeca Art Factory. New York, 2016
“3/3.17” Crocus City, Moscow 2017
“Art Burst” Unruly Collective, New York 2017

Upcoming exhibitions and events:
“Art night” Tretyakovskaya Gallery, May 2018. Moscow
Personal Exhibition “Through The Dark” Art-platform, July 2018, Moscow

Rina Chernyh

Rina Chernyh is an artist who lived in China for a long time, which has strongly influenced her art, enriching it with complexity and colour. Her fairy tail characters are beautiful and naïve, but surprisingly palpable and real. In her works Rina proclaims the freedom of self-expression which is the main idea of the Festival. The viewer will be presented with the possibility to be a part of this bright and peculiar world of the artist.

Asya Sergievskaya

In her paintings, Asya Sergievskaya explores the sexuality and attractiveness of women’s body from the perspective of a lesbian. A female body is exposed by the artist in a classical way of art and nude photography, but she uses bright, intense colors, tight brushstrokes and an expressive play with light and shadow demonstrating both, differences and similarities, in the view on the beauty of the human body typical for hetero- and homosexual relationships.

The author literally demolishes the imaginations of people unfamiliar with LGBT relationships, who assume that lesbians always are manlike or that they just had no success in their relationships with men and subconsciously continue to look for masculine traits in their female partners. Asya shows us in her art the truth: that a woman can love her body and love another woman without imposing masculine traits on her. For many people, it is difficult to accept this truth, which is why the artist gives an impulse to our feelings, to help us feel that things can be different.

The artist encourages us to put logic aside and not to analyze other people’s preferences based only on our own experience and the labels we put on others. Just look at these paintings and accept this different point of view as a given fact and as an opportunity to widen your understanding of beauty.

Elle Gard

Elle Gard is an artist, illustrator, comics creator, participant of the Biennale contemporary art exhibition in 2012, in exhibitions in the ArtPlay space and in the Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, 2011. Elle Gard’s works are part of private collections all over the world: in France, Italy, Spain, Finland and the USA. Elle teaches a course ‘Comics, book and commercial illustrations’ and runs art therapy by her own methodology. Elle Gards motto is: Not the style defines an artist, but the artist defines the style. The author uses different technologies, tries out new approaches in understanding emotions and presenting them to the audience. A series of graphic works was created in a meditation trance and reflects the limitless inner universe of the artist. Elle’s work is the energy of the universe extrapolated on canvas.

Mary So

Maria Soboleva is the author of Imtrace painting style, which allows to create pieces of art involving the whole body. The artist becomes simultaneously the creator and the tool for the artwork. Maria sees her works as the embodiment of her inner self, a reflection of her thoughts and feelings. But the author’s intention is not to awaken the same emotions in the audience, but to make everybody introspect their own feelings and look for answers to their own unsolvable questions. Her paintings are a unique guide into the inner world of oneself.

Olga Volodina

Olga Volodina is a Russian-born photo artist currently residing in Bangkok. Her photography projects are always very personal and sincere and intend to evoke an emotional connection within the viewer. For Olga Volodina photography is an exploration of how the camera translates her feelings, thoughts and attitudes. Humans and the mystery of their psychology, character, relations and actions, are always the main source of inspiration for Olga

M2F — Male to Female

As long as transgenders have been existing artists and photographers mostly use this phenomenon in art to provoke or shock their audience with documental realism often underlined with some strong social meanings. Photographer Olga Volodina chose another way. She preferred the style of classic black & white nude photography that doesn’t attract with its play of colors and devoid of any social context. Here attention to composition, lighting and the beauty of a not-so-obvious-yet human body is more important. There are just calm and sensual nude pictures shot the same way as classic nude female photography. This way it could make someone get rid of their prejudices, question obsolete social and religious images to see the beauty of transgender women and accept it for itself.

Project «Unspoken»

All the art pieces presented in this project are the works of non-professional. But you’ll be surprised how much these paintings and collages are emotionally filled, deep and at the same time disturbing and full of sorrow. All these works have one thing in common: they were created by young people from Chechnya who were forced to leave the Republic or even the country in search of security and freedom. Since 2017, the whole world is closely watching the development of this terrible persecution. At the exhibition you can see the situation from another angle, not as a detached reportage about these iniquitous events, but as the life of each individual who was able to escape. These works are a confession, a heart to heart conversation and hopefully, an art-therapy, not only for the victims but also for those observing, evoking in them compassion and tolerance