What is open art?
Art is a creative flow that’s fearless and free. Open art is available to all, regardless of their gender, sexual preferences or the details of their private life.

What makes our festival unique?
Our festival is about complete freedom for all of its authors; it’s an expression of their personal outlook on life. A wide array of artworks encompassing diverse themes and genres is displayed on a single site, their authors united by a desire to show the world who they are and articulate themselves, breaking free of any restraints and boundaries.

Chechnya, the fearsome word
You will have the opportunity to see the works of the Chechen individuals who were persecuted because of their sexual orientation and gender identity and whose story swept across the world at the start of 2017.

Transgender physics
We will be displaying a series of nude photographs of transgender persons. Accepting yourself and your changing body takes great effort and courage. The heroes of this exhibition have found the strength to put their embarrassment aside and start loving their bodies.

The everyday life of an activist (graphic art)
A collection of comic strips will uncover the quotidian struggles faced by our activists and advocates for whom defending LGBT rights has become part of their daily routine. You can meet some of those activists in person at the festival.

Images so near, yet far
We have gathered an extensive compilation of video footage concerning burning social issues that people from different corners of our planet face. The big problems of little people will blow you away and will serve as a reminder of what really matters and how everything is connected.