“Documentary photography and film in activism”

Facilitators: Ekaterina Mamontova, director, screenwriter, graduate of the Russian Institute of Cinematography (VGIK)

Yulia Malygina, photographer, LGBT activist, narrative practitioner

The workshop will have a theoretical and practical part. Bring along your camera or videocamera as well as a pen and notepad.

You will have the opportunity to delve into the history and theory of documentary filmmaking, learn why objectivity does not exist and why documentaries are relevant today and find out about developments in the world of non-fiction films in Russia and abroad.

You will learn about the peculiarities of street photo- and videography and will get some practical advice on filming demonstrations and mass meetings.

Let’s create reality together!


“Rejection” performance
Several people will be part of this performance.

The audience can see and become aware of how much we all need acceptance and support, how important it is to hear and be heard.


“Consolation” performance
How often are you in need of consolation? What does it mean to you? This performance is a dive into a gentle, long-forgotten world full of ease, safety and calm.


“Presence” performance

The idea of the performance is to remind ourselves of the value of being attentive, sensitive and compassionate to others.